2013 Player Briefing


After three decades of civil war, in which the diabolists of House Thrune consolidated their hold on the mighty empire of Cheliax, the tide of revolution swept through Andoran. Frustrated with centuries of foreign rule and appalled by Cheliax’s new masters, the people of Andoran banded together to throw off the shackles of empire and embrace republican rule. During those days, the Andoren nobility faced a difficult choice: side with the people of Andoran and forfeit their titles, or join with the evil Chelish empire and face the wrath of the people. In the end, those who openly sided with Cheliax were killed or driven into exile, while those who embraced the revolution retained much of their wealth and influence. A brave few nobles chose neither side, unable to relinquish their cherished nobility and unwilling to side with the foreign empire. The most famous of these is Baron Vendikon, once master of a large barony, who now controls little more than the few miles around his keep in Piren’s Bluff. While his remote holdings were small enough to avoid the wrath of the mob during the revolution, Piren’s Bluff is key in defending the new nation of Andoran from its enemies in Cheliax. Of late, the People’s Council in Almas has been leery of leaving such a strategically important position in the hands of a neutral party, but as of yet, they have been unable to take direct action.

Finally, 2 weeks ago, the baron recanted his neutrality and vowed to hold Piren’s Bluff for his allies in Cheliax. Although Baron Vendikon made every effort to keep the Council from learning of his treachery (at least, before it was too late), the townsfolk of Piren’s Bluff guessed the truth and managed to get word to the Andoren forces in Darkmoon Vale. The military is already mobilizing to take back the town and oust the corrupt baron before a Chelish army pours across the border.

While the Andoren army marches to Piren’s Bluff, its spies have learned that some members of the town still oppose the baron’s plans. General Dakovya and his soldiers have no desire to kill loyal Andorens, and he has instead decided to infiltrate Piren’s Bluff with a small group of adventurers disguised as merchant guards. While the army surrounds the town and gives all appearances of a prolonged siege, this small group will sneak into the keep and put an end to the baron and his Chelish compatriots once and for all.

You are the adventurers.

Briefing Meeting with General Dakovya

Your objectives for the mission:
• gathering information
• sabotaging any defences,
• taking out the baron and bringing his turncoat reign to an end.

I don’t doesn’t have any other active saboteurs within the city, but I have managed to get a message to some Andoren sympathizers within Piren’s Bluff, although I don’t know exactly who they are. The less everyone knows, the safer they remain. However, they can be recognized by a secret sign: a sprig of mistletoe tied with a yellow ribbon.

I have asked a merchant I know, Gaskar Drolp, to take you on as guards and he travels to Piren’s Bluff on business. He will conduct his trade quickly and leave immediately. You will remain behind.

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