Hall Bridges: Pop 2200

The only proper town in Berhof, the economic and social capital, and the only residential settlement to have an organised town guard. There are two inns, the Curiosity Shop, a temple to Pharasma, a Stables, The Library and a General Store.
Hall Bridges is run by a council consisting of Sir Jorumi Dexaro (The Laird), Lady Celia vanArthog, Master Nightsky, Father Fuller and Lieutenant Brawden.

The Town Guard
Lt Alice Bawden runs the town guard, under the instruction of Sir Jorumi. Her trrops consists of a dozen Guards who control the town’s gates and a unit of Watchmen who patrol the streets on the lookout for fires, disturbances and unrest. The guards and watchmen live out and have offices on the ground floor of both towers.

Lt Bawden has a unit of 3 Messengers who live in and also act as her personal servants. The messengers will be used, in times of need, to summon the rest of the guard. Lt Bawden and her messengers live on the top floors of the East Tower.

The members of the Hallbridges Hammer, even though they have now been promoted and given their own homes across the province are still assigned a small personal room (10x5) on the Top floor of the West Tower.

Details of troops can be found here. http://johnbs-games.wikidot.com/pathfinder-military-employees

Lt Bawden is the daughter of Sir Abel Brawden the Governor of Berhof.

The Curiosity Shop
Lady Celia vanArthog, a descendant of an old Berhof magical family, runs the curiosity shop. It is filled with all sorts of strange things that spell casters and alchemists need for their profession. If you need parchment, special ingredients, unguents, vials, bottles, etc etc. This is the place to get them. However, it is also the place to buy minor magical items, such as potions and scrolls, which are created by Lady vanArthog’s apprentices. However, she also acts as an outlet for many clerical potions and scroll and various (smaller) miscellaneous items as well.

Almost anything can be sourced if she has enough time, and you have the money.

The Library
Master Flower Nightsky is a well-travelled monk, and a devotee of Irori. The library offers basic research facilities in most fields, but specialises in religion, history and astrology. It also acts as a ‘finishing school’ to help round out the education of the wealthier (or more fortunate) members of society. Flower also offers some scholarship places where students are expected to teach general education classes for the town’s children, in return for their own training.

There are two permanent members of staff: Zona, a black clad monk responsible physical security, and Chatterbox, a half-orc who is an adept of Irori. Both have served with Flower for a number of years.

The Temple of Pharasma
Father Fuller is the priest of the Pharasman Temple at Hall Bridges. It performs the basic service of Birthings and Burials – and will also send priests to officiate at other ceremonies if asked. They are the official ‘Church’ of Hall Bridges and Father Fuller sits on the town council. He is not a very adventurous man and always seems to take a conciliatory line. He does not really approve of commercialised religion so he does not sell potion directly, however, he sends them to The Curiosity Shop to sell on commission.

There are a number of junior priests (clerics and adepts) who might be willing to sell spell casting services, away from the grounds of the church.

The Talisman Inn
The inn keeper, Bruce Pendleton, ensures that his inn offers decent food as well as clean comfortable rooms. It is generally seen as a quiet venue suitable for meals and conversation rather than partying. There are private rooms for meetings, assignations or just for a bit of privacy. It charges above average rates, and attracts a more mature, wealthier clientele – such as caravan masters, master craftsmen, officers and others of that ilk.

The Unicorn Inn
The unicorn is unusual in that it is run by a female dwarf called Erlina Quarble. Beyond that it is a fairly basic inn offering simple fare and basic rooms, and nearly always has some sort of entertainer performing in one of its bars. It is certainly the most popular venue in town.

It is said that Erlina has a special relationship with Richard Brewster, the dwarf who owns and manages Bridge Brewery, the local ale supplier.

Strainter Supplies
Is a general store run by a Halfling family. There are rooms full of goods they have acquired over the years – off the peg clothing, simple weapons, household goods, trade goods (Flour, Wheat, Honey, Turnips, Salt, Sugar etc) and just about anything else of a non-magical non-masterwork nature. However, he rarely has anything that costs more than about 20gp in stock. After that you will need to order it in.

The Stables
Risha Gunur is a half-orc who has made her own way in the world. She spent years working as driver and then Animal Master for caravans. Not only that, she was handy with a sword and bow as well – so was always in demand. Now she runs the stables and acts as the town’s farrier.

She will look after mounts or draft animals for a fee, or will rent them out. However, she does demand a deposit left against any creature she hires out.

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