Birthday Berhof Settlements

Eastern Province

Or those lands to the East of Lake Spendlowe and the river. Dominus, Sir Jorumi Dexaro is Lord of the Eastern Province


HallBridges: Pop 2200 (Large Town - Just)

The only town of any size in Berhof, the economic and social capital, and the only residential settlement to have an organised town guard. There are two inns (The Talisman and The Unicorn), the Curiosity Shop (which deals in charms, potions, minor magic and exotic goods), a temple to Pharasma, a Library, a Brewery (Bridge Brewery), Stables and a Merchant Store - as well as the minor businesses that make a town work.

Hallbridges is the nearest Berhof gets to a cosmopolitan area – While individuals might have strong philosophical views, people are generally tolerant and open minded, and everyone rubs along together. The temple of Pharasma (N; Births, Deaths, Circle of Life) manage the burial grounds and provide the main religious support for the town. However, you can probably find minor priests of most of the major religions in town.

Dominus Sir Jorumi Dexaro, (Laird of Hallbridges and Lord of the Eastern Province, Half-Elf M) (Note: Head of Clan Dexaro and member of the Berhof Council)
Master Nightsky (Town Councillor, Monk, Human, Librarian, Sage M) (Note: Town Councillor )
Father Fuller (Town Councillor, High Priest of Pharasma, Human M) (Note: Town Councillor )
Lieutenant Alice Brawden (Town Councillor, Commander of the Watch, Human F) (Note: Daughter of Governor, Sir Abel Brawden)
Lady Celia vanArthog, Nobile (Mage (Curiosity Shop), Human F) (Note: Head of the vanArthog family and member of the Berhof Council)
Gadrin Brewston (Businessman, Brewer, Dwarf M)
Risha Gunur (Business Woman, Farrier, Stable Mistress, Half-Orc F)
Erlina Quarble (Businesswoman, Inn Keeper (The Unicorn) Dwarf F)
Bruce Pendleton (Businessman, Inn keeper (The Talisman), Human M)
Craster Strainter (Businessman, Merchant, Halfling M)
Rufus Hart (Farmer, Human M) (Note: related by marriage to Lady Celia vanArthog)

Hall Bridges in detail


Kusnir: Pop 450 (Small Town)

Set away from the main road, Kusnir is a small fishing and agricultural town lead by a cleric of Erastil. There is a School, an inn (called the Net and Shovel), an herbalist and a boat builder. Kusnir is a typical country town lead by a Cleric of Erastil. People tend to have traditional views, with most families lead by a male figurehead. Hard work such as, farming, fishing, husbandry, hunting and light forestry are the order of the day. However, a number followers from the Green Faith base themselves here as well.

The most recent addition to the village is the vanArthog College, founded by Squire Marvello and his wife, to help educate the young of the town. It provides a basic education for children of the town, but also offers advanced classes in Architect, Clerk, Librarian, and Scribe - as well as short courses in Knowledge(planes) and Knowledge(Arcane).

Squire Marvello vanArthog is the Reeve of Kusnir and lives in a lakeside villa a few miles outside the town. He represents the authority of Sir Jorumi Dexaro and the Berhof Council, he collects a minor tax from the town.

Other prominent people are :-

Papa Kust (Farmer, Priest of Erastil, Mayor, Human M)
Glyn Cakette (Boat Builder, Human M)
Douglas Anderson (Innkeeper (Net & Shovel), Human M)
Marta Ross (Herbalist, half-elf F) (Note: Half sister to Sir Jorumi Dexaro & Squire Fern Moonshadow)
Ophelia Bligh (nee vanArthog) ( Marvello’s Aunt. minor magical abilities & expert on Horse Bloodlines)
Ian Bligh (Horse breeder/trainer, Human M) (Note: Uncle by Marriage to Marvello vanArthog, Reeve of Kusnir )
Roselana Pergwyn-vanArthog (Marvello's Wife - often found visiting the college)
Marley Netsman (Fisherman, Halfling M)
Millie Porter (College Principal, Human, F)


Chiswell: Pop 160 (Village)

A rural village on the main road between Altweg and Hallbridges, Chiswell boasts a roadhouse, called The Red Fox, and a skilled smith who is able to make metal goods of the highest quality.

Chiswell is close enough to Hallbridges that it is almost a very countrified suburb.- however the Inn and the Smith set it apart. The Smith is a cleric of Torag, but in his aspect of Torag the Smith rather than in his aspect of Torag the Dwarven Patron. Other than that, most residents tend to be followers of The Green or other countryside deities and have typical rural occupations. So long as you are not threatening the local countryside, most people will get on OK.

Eric Morgan (Innkeeper (The Red Fox), headman, Human M)
Timothy Smith (Smith, Cleric of Torag, Human M)
Moth Cindelum (Farmer, Halfling F)


Ganaway: Pop 120 (Village)

A new and remote settlement in Berhof, it is a quiet, rural community situated on the main road close to an old shell keep. It has a roadhouse, called The Merchant’s Cup, and a small shrine to Desna. However, most of the residents are Hunters, trappers or woodsmen. It is a small and fairly isolated community that depends on the trade caravans to bring goods in and out.

Sir Seamus is the Reeve of Gannaway and lives in the Old Keep just outside the village. He represents the authority of Sir Jorumi Dexaro and the Berhof Council, he collects a minor tax from the villagers. Other prominent people are :-

Darrell Quinn (Farmer, Headman, Human M)
Una Gladden (Priest of Desna, Halfling M)
Frank Holloway (Innkeeper (The Merchants Cup), Half-Elf M) (Note: Half Brother to Sir Jorumi Dexaro & Squire Fern Moonshadow)

Bramblewarren: Pop 15 (Thorpe)

The last stopping place in Behof before you hit the Aldweg Pass – and, conversely, the first stop once you are out of the mountains. At the moment there is next to nothing here except a stopping place for caravans and the Warden’s Compound. One of the nearby trees has a large butterfly carved on it, and can serve as a shrine to Desna.

has long been a recognised stopping place for caravans coming over the Alderweg pass, with an established camping ground and a small shrine to Desna. Now it has been developed to serve as the base for the Warden of the East who, along with a small garrison inhabits an extended military outpost. Recently The Warden added a small inn with a large courtyard that can accommodate caravans securely and their stay more comfortable.

Squire Fern Moonshadow (Note: Half-sister to Sir Joromi Dexaro) is the Warden of the East and lives in the compound. She represents the authority of the Berhof Council. Other prominent people are :-
Halewin The Steward (Steward and Innkeeper, M Human)

Bramblewarren in Detail

Western Province

Or those lands to the West of Lake Spendlowe and the river, Abbot Shaffley id the Governor of the Western Province.


Lurnslye: Pop 180 (Village)

Near the northern pass, Lurslye is an isolationist village run by the temple of Imbrex. Travellers are welcome to stay at The Statues Roadhouse, although they are expected to continue their journey fairly promptly. Settlers are required to convert to the local religion and this is not a good place to start a character from.

Lurnsleye is an inward looking, self-serving, community - who are happiest when they are left to their own devices. Village life revolves around the church - however, it is well respected for its soft fruit and the special wines it makes from them.

Bernhardt (High Priest of Imbrex, Human M)
Penryk (Priest of Imbrex, Human M)
Grumb (Priest of Imbrex, Human M)
Murdoch (Champion of Lurnslye, Human M)
Farron (Innkeeper (The Statutes), Human M)
Tellet (Farmer, Human M)

The Tower of the Heavens: Pop 100 (Large Monastery)

Petitioners come from far and wide to get prophetic readings from the tower, although it is said that the more you pay, the more accurate the reading. They are also renowned students of astronomical matters. However, it is very difficult to get into the tower itself, and most people get no further than the visitors hostel.

Abbot Shaffley (Sage, Leader, Human M) (Note: member of the Berhof Council)
Lieutenant Dan (Garrison Commander, Gnome M)
Brother Hadley (Monk, Boatman, Human M)

The Baronial Holdings

Those lands and settlements reserved to the Governor, as the Baron's representative.

Castle Berhof: Pop:75 (Small Village)

Castle Berhof is little more than a large, old fashioned, keep guarding the south-western pass. It was once the home of the Barons of Berhof - but now is the seat of the governor. Most of the residents are soldiers or servants - their families live in a few cottages clustered outside.

Sir Abel Brawden, CB (Governor, Human M) (Note: head of the Brawden Family and member of the Berhof Council)
Lieutenant Commander Mike Thompson (Garrison Commander, Human M)
Lieutenant Sheila Brooks (Officer, Half-Elf F) (Note: Half sister to Sir Jorumi Dexaro & Squire Fern Moonshadow)
Edmund Trafford (Chaplain, Priest of Abadar - Human M)
Garrison (3x Sgt and 8 Guards, 8 Light Foot, 8 Light Cavalry)

Adlerweg Keep: Pop 25 (Hamlet sized)

Lieutenant Commander Marcus Arvis (Castellan, Human M)
Lieutenant Alred Hagre (Officer, Elf M)
Garrison (2x Sgt, 8 Guards, 8 Light Foot)
Staff (5x servants)

Fanjyr: Pop 30 (Hamlet)

A walled enclosure controlling the Northern pass. There is a roadhouse, called The Blue Flagon, a Farrier and a shrine dedicated to Desna.

Lieutenant Lavinia Morris (Garrison Commander & Reeve of Fanjyr, Human F)
Garrison (1xSgt and 8 Light Foot)
Fedor Roblyn (Blacksmith/Farrier, Half-orc M)
Sen Estennel (Priest of Desna, Elf M) (Note: Father of Sir Joromi Dexaro and his siblings)
Jaq Chandler (Innkeeper, Human F)

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