Birthday Character Creation
Race From CRB - others by negotiation
Class Core or Base classes (except Gunslinger or Summoner)
Level Three
Build Twenty Point Build
Starting Cash 3000gp
Traits Two

Starting Money can be spent on normal equipment, master work items or magical items.

Character Backgrounds:

Core background element: Somehow you have finished up as part of the Guardin Hallbridges, where your potential has been noticed and you finished up in the newly formed Berhof Team. The Berhof team are the the best of the Hallbridges Guard and can expect to get sent to other town's and villages on the laird's behalf.

Detailed background is not compulsory, but I would like some basic background. There are three basic options

1) Simple Village/Town background - I will give you (or you can decribe) a Commoner family. You can decide how many of them are alive / dead and how they died - I'll tell you which town/village they are in. Minimal detail required.
2) Foreigner - You were bought up miles from here, in a commoner family.
3) Orphan - You grew up in one of the two orphanages available. There is one in Hallbridges and another in Kusnir. Minimal detail required.

You can find more information about individual settlements in Berhof here. here

Optional Foreigner Elements

You come from one of the neighboring states. You heard there were opportunities up here or life got a bit difficult at home. So you decided to make your way Berhof. This page has details of all the neighbours.

To the west is the Tannery League – an alliance of various semi-independent statelets (baronies, counties and even a duchy or two) ruled by The Tannery Council.

To the southeast is Holden – a collection of strongholds ruled by an elected Kapo.

To the north is the independent town of Melmond (Most suitable for Dwarves, Humans, DemiHumans - miners & trappers) - there are other independent settlements beyond that.

Optional local class elements:

You can find more information about individual settlements here

Aristocratic background. See the house rules about an Aristocratic Background here. If you want an association with the local area you could be distantly related to:

Sir Abel Brawden (Governor of Berhof)
Sir Joromi Dexaro (Squire of Hallbridges),
Celia vanArthog (owner of The Curiosity Shop)

I can add one or two more if needed. If you are not human (inc 1/2 elf or 1/2Orc) you need to talk to me about your family first OR have an immigrant background.

You received your ‘finishing’ education under Master Nightsky and in the Hallbridges Guard under Sir Jorumi Dexaro to gain experience.

Wizard - any locally trained wizards will have been apprenticed to Celia vanArthog the owner of The Curiosity Shop in Hallbridges.

Monks - any locally trained monks will have gained their initial training under a old monk called Broston, ferryman for the Tower of the Heavens, and then finished their training under Master Nightsky in Hallbridges. Broston has now left that service.

Clerics - there is a temple to Pharasma (N: the circle of life and death) in Hallbridges, a shrine to Erastil (LG, rural / countryman deity) in Kusnir, a Shrine to Abadara (LN: Laws and Taxes) in Castle Berhof and a couple of shrines to Desna (CG: Travellers).

Witches would find the herbalist in Kusnir a good place to start :) She is related to Sir Joromi - so if you don't want an (at least vaguely) aristocratic background you should be her apprentice rather than immediate family.

Fighters / Rangers / Rogues / Bards / Sorcerers / Magus etc etc pick a local area and choose an association with one of the named people from a town or village. After all – you are supposed to be the pick of the local crop.

Other if none of the families appeal to you, or you want something specific - then ask. If it doesn’t change the feel if the place, I will add something in for you.

Optional Local Race Element

Just about every CRB race (apart from Gnomes) is represented somewhere in Berhof. Again, if you can’t find a family/racial set up that you like, we can add one.


If you identify your character as coming from Lurnslye, life will be uncomfortable should you return there. The village is ruled by a Cult of Imbrex (a religion not open to PCs) and you will have been cast out of the church when you left. If you really, really want to be associated with Imbrex - talk to me. However, you cannot be a cleric (or other holy caster) of that god.

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