Birthday Campaign


After some thought, I have decided on a campaign that is a cross between an old fashioned Patron Campaign and a Modern Pathfinder Society campaign - using a set of first edition modules :) The game will be centred around the slowly declining Barony of Berhof which will allow you to build a background (if that is your bag) and use the Pathfinder Campaign and Downtime rules between session - IF you fancy it. Although neither of those things are required.

2015 L 3 UK2 - The Sentinel
2016 L 4 UK3 - The Gauntlet
2017 L 5 UK4 - When a Star Falls
2018 L 6 I1 - Dwellers of the Forbidden City
2019 L 7 C2 - The Ghost Tower of Inverness
2020 - Covid :(
2021 L 8 UK7 - Dark Clouds Gather
2022 L 9 G1 - Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
2023 L 10 G2 - Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
2024 L 11 G3 - Hall of the Fire Giant King

Barony of Berhof - Overview
Barony of Berhof - The Hallbridges Hammer, the Heroes of Berhof
Barony of Berhof - Settlements
Barony of Berhof - Places of Interest
Barony of Berhof - Important Families
Barony of Behof - Neighbouring areas
Barony of Behof - Honours and Titles
Character Creation

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