Kingdoms, downtime and investors

A couple of years ago I ran Kingmaker, and really loved the concept - but thought the kingdom rules were clunky. They became the focus for the game rather than a role playing tool that helped to add depth to the game. Recently, I have been playing in a game that has used the down time rules, and those, too, have the potential to dominate the game, rather than add an extra RP background element.

The two rules sets look as if they should go together well and, in very broad terms, they do - however, very little of the detail (particularly costs and financial detail) maps across well. And there is a huge disconnecting between earnings generated in the Down Time system and just about everything else that mentions money. And neither of them really deal with investors either.

For me, that makes it all very uncomfortable – because those are both elements of the game I enjoy and have dabbled with for years. So it must be time to try and iron out some of the anomalies and get a system I can enjoy :}

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