Cape Telida Regional Information

Cape Telida sits at the southernmost point of the Telida Mountains and is an important point on the east-west trade route.

Eastern Telida holds three small civilized areas, separated by miles of mountainous (and unwelcoming) coastline. Holden is composed of small, spreadout, stong holdings, and has a very wild feel to it. Teril is more formally organised, while Degal has a powerful monarch at its head.

Western Telida Holds the Tannery States. It is a strong alliance between many smaller states under the Tannery Council, which forms a strong and powerful alliance. It has the best schools, colleges, and art collections in the region. Just to the north lies the Holdren Forest, home to The Elves.

The High Road, consisting of Berhof, Melmond and Oldwyn control an ancient trade route across the top of the mountains. However, that whole region has been in decline since the sea-route was made safe.

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