Cape Telida Social Class

The Upper Classes

The Lords of the Islands are the people who have authority to appoint a member to the council directly. There are only a few, named and recognised individuals, either the leaders of the original ‘liberation’ or their heir. The only other addition is the funny pseudo French bloke who cleared the hag out if the swamp.

The Aristocracy Consists of the Lord-advisors (Lord Mayor, Lord Bishop) and the immediate descendants of the peers, unto the second generation. In other words, if parent or grand parent were a peer - you can claim to be aristocratic. Peers and Lord-Advisors who stand down from their responsibilities retain their aristocratic status.

The Middle Classes.

The Burghers – Citizens who own a piece of land outright. Again these are all named individuals who exercise the right to appoint a single member to the council between them. Any Citizen or Aristocrat can apply for a permit to own land outright, however this is a privilege assigned by the council rather than a right.

Citizens - Families of Burghers, master craftsmen, guild members, officers of the military, courts or government.

The Lower Classes

Everyone else.

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