Council Of Bishops

The Council of Bishops co-ordinates religious observance across The Mark. There is a broad consensus in freedom of religion, so long as the aims of a religion do not run counter to philosophies of The Mark. The Council of Bishops will be responsible for identifying to the Mark Moot those religions that should not be permitted to practice within Southmark.

Members include the Mark Bishop, clerical leaders from independent cities and strongholds and Companions of the Mark with formal church positions 1.

Current Membership

Andalon de Lebeda (Abdar - LN)
Rook Sanderson (Erastil - LG)
Borric d'Cordain (Iomedae - LG)
Brother Barthomew (Pharasma - N)
Zorah (Green Faith - N)

(1) Clerics, Druids, Paladins, Inquisitors

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