Hobs Isle

Hobs Isle consists of half a dozen rocky hills, of different sizes, joined together. The hills have rugged rocky slopes on which almost nothing grows. These slopes are criss-crossed by ravines and scree slopes, and are difficult terrain to cross. There are quite a lot of caves, though, should one need to take shelter for the night.

The tops of the hills are all fairly flat and have developed into high moorland. There is scrub, a few stunted trees, even a few patches where grass and wild flowers grow, which is punctuated by bare rocky peaks that seem to grow straight out of the hill. Wild and windswept, with few caves, these hills aren’t much use for anything.

A fertile and sheltered valley runs across the middle of the island, collecting the waters from a number of streams and leading them down towards the sea, and one of the few safe anchorages in the whole region. Two arms of rocky hillside seem to close around a large deep inlet, leaving the water calm in even the worst of gales. Where the rivers join the sea, there is a small grassy plain - which holds the islands only town, Herksing.


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