HouseRule - Social Class

A brief analysis of Social Class in an FRP game, based on some guidance from AD&D 1e.

Lower Class NPCs make up 90% of the NPC world. They are unlikely to own any property except tools and personal belongings. They rent or lease homes, workshops and farms.

Middle Class NPCs are the 9% of the population who have influence of some type. They are likely to own their own home and workshops, and may well own warehouses, ships, caravans or larger businesses. The wealthiest middle class NPCs may well own (or control) a block of land in a city or perhaps even the village surrounding their manor house. Minor members of (extended) upper class families are middle class. PCs at (around about) level 5 are likely to be considered middle class. People in the Middle Classes can influence things.

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Upper Class NPCs are the 1% who own and/or control large areas of land or lots of people. UUC (Royalty) and MUC (major noble titles) are obvious – but only if they still control the land and population. LUC is broader and is liable to include Senior Churchmen and heads of ‘chivalric’ organisations (such as Hell Knights and Paladinic Orders) as well as Lord Mayors, Lord Advisors and other similar posts. Lord can be a minor noble title in its own right and likely has control over a small area. People in the Upper Classes control things.

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The following table gives some examples of jobs and roles that fall into each category.

The ‘Cost’ column shows how much a PC needs to spend each month to maintain the same standard of living – which gives a rough guide to how they will be seen by society. Note, however, that NPCs at that level do not have that much disposable income each month – instead the NPCs benefit from having that value of goods, services and labour available to them. When calculating NPC wages, remember that this is an average value - the actual wage could easily vary from this by up to 50% in either direction.

Status Position Cost GP
Upper Upper Class (UUC) Emperors, Kings, Queens, Prince 10000
Middle Upper Class (MUC) Duke, Count, Earl, Baron 4000-2000
Lower Upper Class (LUC) Lord, Lord Mayor, Lord Advisor, Dominus, Bishop, Provost, High General etc. 750-1500
Upper Middle Class (UMC) Guild Masters, Great Merchants, Landed Gentry, Generals, Abbot, High Priests, City Mayors, Nobile 300
Middle Middle Class (MMC) Land Owners, Captains, Knight Captains, Magistrates, Large Town Mayors 100
Lower Middle Class (LMC) Merchants, Officers, Knights, Master craftsmen, Master Professionals, Doctor, Small Town Mayors 30
Upper Lower Class (ULC) Skilled Employees - Craftsmen, Professionals Farmers, Soldiers, Haywards, Bailiffs etc 10
Middle Lower Class (MLC) Regular Employees - Labourers, Porters, Farm Labourers, Watchmen, Servants 3
Lower Lower Class (LLC) Freed Slaves, Itinerant Workers, apprentices. 1
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