Building Standards

Basic – Internal walls are ‘rough finished, while they are plastered you can still see the shape of the rocks/logs behind. Windows are small, unglazed and shuttered. Occasional leaks. Ground floor will probably have a packed Earth floor, reinforced with stones, scattered with reeds or straw. Upper floors have untreated and un-caulked floorboards that could let drafts through. Ceilings are the floorboards of the storey above. With a bit of effort it can be reasonably warm and dry.

Cells, Bunks, Docks, False Front, Laundry, Lavatory, Lodgings(1), Sewer Access, Shack, Storage, Toll Booth, Mills, Pits, Breweries (etc), as well as agricultural areas are built at the Basic Standard.

Good – Walls are well finished, and windows are larger with good fitting shutters, although probably not glazed. If they are glazed, it will be simple lead-light panes with ‘bottle’ glass. Ground floor probably has paving slabs or some other simple form of flooring, upper story floor boards are stained, fit properly and the gaps are caulked. The ceiling is still (probably) the floorboards of the room above but they are close fitting and painted to disguise them.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Sitting Rooms, Common Rooms, Bars and anything that can act as Masterwork Tools is built at the Good Standard.

High – Internal walls may be wood lined, or part lined, Windows are glazed, mainly with bottle-glass lead lights. Feature rooms might have more expensive glass. Floors are well sealed and there is always a proper plaster ceiling. Ground floor will probably be tiled with a minor pattern. There will be some ornamentation of ceilings, pillars etc. There may be magical lighting.

Ball Rooms, Ceremonial Rooms and anything that needs magic during creation is built at the High Standard

Luxury – internal walls are wood lined, painted with frescoes or covered by wall hangings. Floors look perfect, and tiled floors have large ornate patterns. Pillars, ceilings, fireplaces (etc) are all ornamented. Windows have leaded lights with good quality (smooth, clear) glass – and may have stained glass decorations. There will be magical lighting.

Auditoriums, Summoning Rooms and Throne rooms are built at The Luxury Standard.

Military - Walls and floors are solidly built with little ornamentation. Windows are small and well shuttered. Doors have bars as well as locks. I n general terms military buildings normally fall somewhere between the basic and Good building standards.

Armoury, Dojo, Guard posts, Gate Houses, Draw bridges, Gauntlets Defensive Walls and similar rooms are built to the Military Standard

(1) Lodgings – lodgings are an unusual ‘room’ in that it is subdivided into smaller chambers, which can be organised however you see fit. Each of those chambers can be upgraded to a single Average Standard Room(2) for the (Cost of the room)–100 GP or half the cost of the new room - whichever is the greater. That means you could start off with a lodgings and upgrade it to a decent sized cottage, as you can afford it.

(2) Space requirements must match. Each upgraded room must meet the size requirments in its listings, and must fit inside the space allocated for the Lodgings. If some parts of the lodging have already been upgraded any new room must fit within the space remaining.

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