Korvosa - Government

The King

King Eodred II of House Arabasti still rules the city state of Korvosa as a colony of Cheliax although the colony has been pretty much disowned by House Thune, Rulers of Cheliex.. He is an elderly man who has just taken a young (some would say too young) Chelaxian Noble Woman as his wife. He rules Korvosa by decree - however his decrees subject to the Arbiters and comment by the Peerage review.

The Arbiters

An independent judiciary, they serve as judge and investigator within the Korvosan legal system. They examine all new Royal Decrees to ensure that they adhere to both Kovosan and Chelaxian Law. Zenobia Zenderholm is, perhaps, the most important of the Arbiters.

The Peerage Review

The five great Noble Houses form the Peerage Review, a standing advisory Council for the King. While the King does have to meet with the Review, he doesn’t have to heed their advice. The peerage Review can overrule commands that the king gives to the Korvosan Guard and make the guard return to barracks. The five great houses who sit on the Peerage Review are House Arkona, House Jeggare, House Leroung, House Ornelos and House Zenderholm.

The Magistrates

The Magistrates (and their bureaucrats) carry put the day-to-day administration of Korvosa and implement the administrative parts of Royal Decrees. Magistrates (ie head of department) always come from Noble Families (major or minor), although their that restriction does not apply to their staff.

Seneschal of Castle Korvosa

The Seneschal swears fealty to the King, but has control of both the Great Pyramid and the Sable Company. People in Korvosa consider the castle’s seneschal as the second most powerful individual in the city, behind only the monarch. Although he no longer possesses the power to evict the monarch, he can make the city’s leader a prisoner within the castle by sealing it and calling for Sable Company marines to man and guard it. The Seneschal always come from a noble family, but must be well removed from the ruling monarch.


Senior members of noble families have all sorts or rights and privileges in Korvosa – even those nobles who don’t hold high office have privileges - such as the right to hold office, live in a manor or maintain a private guard unit. The Great houses have more rights and influence that the Minor Houses. Minor houses have significantly more influence than the wealthiest merchants.
Great Houses: House Arkona, House Jeggare, House Leroung, House Ornelos and House Zenderholm.
Minor Houses: House Bromathan, House Carowyn, House Cucuteni, House Endrin, House Fordyce, House Gar, House Jalento, House Kalepopolis, House Kroft, House Peltherianon, House Perenne, House Tann, House Tolgrith.

The Watch

While there isn’t a single organisation called The Watch, there are a number of groups involved in maintaining the peace and enforcing the law. See this link korvosa-the-watch

The Church of Abadar

Abadar is the Patron of Cities, and his church is heavily involved in easing the wheels of the administration although they have no direct role to play in running the city. However, many arbiters and magistrates are members of the church – and some are clergy. The Church of Abadar is one of the sponsors of the Kosovan Guard, the city’s main bank and finance house, mint the city’s coins, check orphanages and witness nearly all the business and service contracts. You don’t get much done without the bank on your side.

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