Korvosa - Noble Families

Royal House

1 Arabasti Once a Noble Family who became monarchs after a popular vote of the people. They do not hold any Chelaxian titles.

Great Noble Houses

1 Jeggare Very rich branch of a family with many Chelaxian titles. Descended from one of the original settler / explorers. Dock-family.
2 Arkona One of the richest families in Korvosa, but no holdings in Cheliax. Only noble house left in Old Korvosa. Dock-family.
3 Ornelos House Ornelos owns and controls the Acadamae. Very politically influential. Dock-family.
4 Leroung Owns / runs the University Branch of a long standing Chelaxian Noble family who own many other world famous libraries and schools. Dock-family.
5 Zenderholm The only non-dock family amongst the great houses. Fairly new to Korvosa, associated with the Church of Abadar, Arbiters and Magistrates.

Minor Noble Houses

1 Endrin Waydon Endrin was one of the original founding officers of Korsova. Holdings on East Shore but none in Cheliax. Dock-family.
2 Bromathan Nivek Bromathan was one of the founders of Korvosa. Holdings on East Shore. Associated with the Church of Sarenrae. Dock-family.
3 Kroft Heavily associated with the military. Holdings on East Shore. Dock-family.
4 Peltherianon Family of Field Marshal Korvosa - one of the founders. Old family. Dock Family. Now impoverished and seeing hard times.
5 Fordyce Once a major family but lost influence. Dock-family.
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10 Tolgrith Settled Bloodsworn Vale.
11 Jalento ?
12 Carowyn ?
13 Cucuteni ?
14 Kalepopolis ?
15 Foxglove ?
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