Korvosa - The Watch

There isn’t one single organisation called the watch – but a number of different groups working together, coordinated by the Korvosan Guard, to oversee the proper running, policing and security of Korvosa.

Korvosan Guard - Field Marshal Cressida Kroft leads the nearly 700 soldiers of the Korvosan Guard, who serve the city of Korvosa first, the city’s leader second, and the church of Abadar third. It works closely with the monarch and high priest of Abadar to maintain order in the city, acting most often as a police force, but turning into a military operation whenever the city is threatened by external forces. They are based at Citadel Volshyenek (M5) in Midland District.

Sable Company - The Sable Company does not answer to the leader of Korvosa, regardless of the leader’s title, instead, the commandant of the Sable Company reports directly to the Seneschal of Castle Korvosa. Commandant Marcus Thalassinus Endrin leads his hippogriff-mounted marines in defense of the skies and waters of Korvosa. Shipboard raids and airborne threats fall under the jurisdiction of the black-clad Sable Company, and its members offer aerial and amphibious support to Korvosan Guard operations. They are based at The Great Tower (H1) in The Heights.

Order of the Nail - Some 15 miles south of Korvosa stands Citadel Vraid, the black-iron fortress of the Hellknight Order of the Nail. Members of the Order of the Nail are found in greater numbers in Korvosa than in any other settlement in Varisia as they are allied with Korvosa and frequently act as shock troops when the Korvosan Guard feels outmatched or doesn’t want to risk its own soldiers. The Korvosan Guard bristles at the occasional unrequested aid of the harsh-minded knights, but it begrudgingly accepts their results and acknowledges their effectiveness. The Order of the Nail does not have a formal headquarters in the city, but patrols can be found just about anywhere.

Noble House Guards - Each of the Noble Houses have a personal guard – a mix of property guards, security guards, caravan guards, marines and bodyguards. They are generally tasked with looking after goods, people and property belonging to their own House, however, they co-operate and support the other ‘watch’ agencies. They can normally be recognised by their House Livery or Badge. House Arkona (O1, major, vice, trade, cheap housing, Dock Family), House Jeggare (major, museum (H7), finance, property, dock family), House Ornelos (major, acadamae (H?), dock family), House Leroung (major, university (H8), dock family), House Zenderholm (major, law, diplomatic), House Bromathan (minor, dock family, military background), House Endrin (minor, dock family, military background)

Temple Guards - The temples of Abadar, Asmodeus, Pharasma and Sarenrae all have their own security wing made up of experienced warriors and clerics. They mainly provide temple security, but keep an eye on the streets and properties close by. They can be identified by their Temple Livery and trappings. Their main patrol areas are around the Bank of Abadar (N6), the Temple of Asmodeus (H4), the Temple of Sarenrae (H14) and the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma (G1)

White Watch - The church of Abadar sponsors the White Watch as a citizen militia company to promote and encourage lawful behaviour. The White Watch undertake basic military training and then patrol local streets watching out for fires and helping out citizens in distress. However, they aren’t a full on security unit and are likely to call for the guard if things start to get violent. Members of the White Watch wear a plain white tabard when they are on duty. The White Watch normally patrol the streets of North Gate and have a small HQ close to the Bank of Abadar (

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