Korvosa - Three Rings Tavern (Northgate)

This quiet tavern belongs to retired adventurer Theandra Darklight (originally Theandra Mulnsk). Theandra earned enough coin as an adventurer to buy a decrepit tavern in Five Corners and fix it up. A lithe beauty in her adventurous youth and starving childhood, Theandra took to the settled life with great gusto, and today she appears somewhere closer to matronly. Despite her indulgences, Theandra remains a good-natured and friendly person, ready to help a friend in need and always hungering for a tale of high adventure and daring-do.

A few years ago, Theandra lost a few fingers when a bar brawl turned ugly, which led her to hire the half-Shoanti barbarian Tauk Par as a bouncer. Theandra likes to keep her bar low-keyed and quiet, serving as much coffee and tea as mead and wine. Tauk Par watches over the place like a hawk, eyeing regulars and newcomers alike with the same barely concealed dislike. In addition to its extensive variety of beverages—alcoholic and not—Three Rings also gathers a regular breakfast clientèle with its Varisian sweetbreads and Gebbite cream-filled pastries.


Five Corners is a relatively crowded residential ward houses many of the city’s politicians and their underlings. The ward’s most distinguishing characteristic is Jeggare Circle, in the far northern corner.

The Three Rings is a cross between a Tea Shop and a Pub/Restaurant. It opens early to catch the breakfast trade but tends to close early as well - although not until the last diners have finished up. The clientele are mainly Minor functionaries, senior administrators and others on the divide between lower and middle classes. It is not a place for parties or raucous entertainment - instead it is a place for a quite meal or drinks with friends. Theandra allows a number of musicians to play in the bar or common room - although they are restricted to ballads, folk songs and gentler instrumentals. She gives them a meal, but no pay - so it is considered good form to tip the musician.

There is always a selection of Tea, Coffee, Ales, Wines and Meads available but a very limited selection of spirits and liqueurs, and then they are only generally served after a meal with coffee.

There is a selection of cakes, pastries and sweet bread available from breakfast time. Starters are available from lunch time, while main courses are only available in the evening.

Starters Main Courses Pastries Drinks Drinks 2
Spiced Potatoes Stuffed Mushrooms Varisian Brioche Finnell Ale (Pale) Nettle Tea
Honeyed Cheese Balls Braised Oxtails Varisian Fruit Bun Thanuk Ale (Dark) Mint Tea
Duck Egg Eels in Beer Gebbite Cream Slice Dwarven Ale (Stout) Vudran Tea
Chicken Wings Crab Cakes Gebbite Cream Horn Mead Tian Xia Tea
Potted Clams Creamed Chicken Cherry Pie Chasian Wine (Rose) Coffee
Smoked Salmon Beef in Ginger Apple Turnover Fallan Wine (White) Kahve
Shark Soup Roast Leg of Lamb Five Corners Cake Quillin Wine (Red) Cocoa
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