Pathfinder Buildings for NPC Villagers

These are the buildings that normal everyday working class villagers live in - mainly commoners and, perhaps, a few members of other NPC classes. I would only expect a PC to be buying/building these if they are helping develop a village and/or want an investment of some sort.

These buildings are all priced as if they are to be built and rented using the Copyhold guidelines. They could cost up to four times as much, and generate twice the rent, if you wanted to run them as a private business.

Labourers' Housing

These small houses are likely to attract hunters, trappers, farm labourers, fishermen, woodsmen and members of similar low value occupations. Housing at this level doesn't have a bathroom, laundry or kitchen. Instead they have a multi-purpose General Room which serves as a kitchen / living room / workshop. In smaller buildings it also does service as a bedroom. Cooking is simple and done over the open fire.

Hut This 10x10 wooden shelter, the most basic dwelling, contains a simple table, pallet bed, and stool. Huts generate 1gp/month in rent (copyhold). Cost 100gp. This example gives you an idea of what it might look like. (Shack)

Long House Bigger than hut, but with the same basic furnishings, a Long House can providebasic accommodation for up to ten people. Cabins generate 3gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 300gp to build. (Common Room). You can find an example here. (Common Room)

Cabin About the same size as a Long House and slightly furnished, it may be separated into two or three different areas, but does not have internal walls. Cabins can provide accommodation for up to ten perople, although it is a bit of a squash. Cabins generate 4gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 400gp. This example is particularly well appointed. (Bunk Room)

Cottage Perhaps the first building we would recognise as a proper dwelling - it has separate rooms, for different purposes, although the upper floor is set into the roof. A cottage can provide reasonably comfortable, but basic, accommodation for up to 10 people. A cottage generates 5gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 430gp. You can find an example here.

Residential Businesses

These are examples of small everyday businesses that make the village tick over. The Owner/proprietors is probably a low level expert, although possibly with a commoner family and staff. If you pay the money, you own the building and the property / business is rented from you. It really doesn't generate a significant income (and that is probably in goods or services rather than cash) but it probably makes your life a bit easier and certainly adds to your social status.


Crafter's Cottage A bit larger than a normal cottage, with a workshop, store and yard attached. There is even bunk for the apprentice to sleep in. It could be a blacksmith, woodworker, leather worker - any small scale craftsman who fits in with the village. It won't be a swordsmith, Armourer or any high status craft. Nor will they be able to make masterwork items at the drop of a hat. Just a good, honest village craftsman, who helps support the rest of the village. A Crafter's Cottage generates 7.5gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 1030gp.



Road House A village inn that serves simple food and drink and has a few basic rooms available for travellers. It will sell the local ale, cheap wine and a limited selection of spirits. Meals are plain but filling country fare - often a stew of some sort with a flat bread. The small rooms can each sleep four people in two pairs of bunk beds (although that is very close quarters). A Road House generates 9gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 1380gp.


Small Holding No picture for this - but think of a cottage, with an animal pen for a few goats and a chicken coop, a vegetable garden and a tool shed. A smallholding generates 7.5gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 1060gp.

Enhancement: Fields cost 600gp each and add to profitability and rent increase by 1gp per field. They also make jobs for the workers who live in your shacks and huts


Small Farm Take a small holding add in a farm horse, a couple of fields, an extra couple of vegetable garden - a workers huts and a small barn. A small farm generates 18gp per month in rent (copyhold) and costs 3420gp.

Enhancement: Fields cost 600gp each and add to profitability and increase of 1gp rent and 1sp in tax per field. They also make jobs for the workers who live in your shacks and huts


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