Pathfinder - Domestic Employees

Domestic Staff run your household for you. So long as you are paying at least 30gp a month in Living Expenses you will have a domestic employee or two to look after your basic needs. In some cases that might just be a single housekeeper, who comes in, cleans and makes sure the food cupboard is full. At the other extreme, it may be a whole household full of servants.

Servant: Commoner L2, Unarmed
Roles: Cleaning, Preparing food, stables, garden, Waiting table (etc)

Cook (profession:Cook) Buys and prepares food (needs a Kitchen)
House Keeper (profession: Manager) oversees the household or does a bit of everything
Head maid: (stealth+2) Lights fires, waiting table, ensures rooms are tidy. (should do it all unobtrusively)
Stableman: (handle Animal +2) Looks after the stables (needs Stable/stalls)

Footman: Commoner L2, unarmed or club
Roles: basic security (personal guard), messenger, meet and greet visitors.

Note: Footmen do not normally wear armour or carry 'serious' weapons, However but you could equip them with padded or leather armour and a 'proper' weapon in times of unrest.

Apprentice: Commoner L1, Unarmed
Roles: Learning the ropes and doing all the dirty work.

Note: Often 14-17 years old Apprentices are in their first job and learning how to do things. They haven't got any useful skills, but do have the stamina to get things done. They could be employed as Junior Maids, Stable Lads, Messengers or something similar.

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