Pathfinder - Military Officers

Officers command members of the Civil Guard, Infantry and Cavalry. This list has Army ranks at the top and bottom, while the middle rungs are based on naval ranks, which (IMO) makes for a simple and straightforward system. When there are more than one lieutenant serving together they are probably known as 1st Lieut, 2nd Lieut, 3rd Lieut etc.

Squad Officers

Sergeant: Each unit of troops listed comes with four men and a sergeant, and the sergeant's salary is included in with the cost of the troops unit. A sergeant can command a double unit (1xSgt 9xMen), but this is the maximum and costs twice as much as a basic military unit. A Sergeant in the Navy is often referred to as a Senior Rate although they have the same rank and ability as a sergeant. NOTE: If you have more than one sergeant in your garrison, you must have a higher ranking officer to take command.

Ensign: An ensign is a very junior officer who is still learning the ropes. They may be given responsibility for the unit's flag and "staff" personnel. While sergeants have normally come up through the ranks, ensigns are often young, of higher birth status and in their first appointment. They have similar abilities to the normal soldiers of the unit.

Junior Officers

Lieutenant: A lieutenant is a junior officer, who might be be given command of a military outpost, a town guard or a small vessel, although they are normally subordinate to a senior officer. Unless you are a powerful Noble, or leader of a large mercenary company, this is probably the highest ranking officer you will ever need to employ.

A lieutenant can control three sergeants and their units, as well as a small staff unit - up to 35 troops as part of a large unit or 25 troops if they have a command of their own. If there is more than one Lieut in a unit they are known 1st Lt, 2nd Lt, 3rd Lt etc in order of seniority. Troops can be mixed there could be one unit of Guards, one unit of Scouts and a third unit of Infantry Soldiers all reporting to the same lieutenant. The Staff Unit might consist of a personal servant (Batman, Cabin Boy etc), Messenger and bodyguard if required. Treat these as footmen (from the Domestic Employees page), watchmen or guards - depending on the circumstances.

A Lieutenant is generally one level higher than any of the troops they command, and often have a level of expert, aristocrat, or a PC class, in their build. Warrior class troops expect their officer to have at least one level of Warrior, Aristocrat or a PC combat class. A lieutenant will expect to earn about 4x what their men earn.

_Unit Commanders

Lieutenant Commander: Is a very senior Lieutenant given responsibility for a medium-sized command, that doesn't justify the deployment of a full Commander. A Lt Commander can command one or two other lieutenants and their troops as well as a smaller unit of his own, up to 75 troops altogether. They expect to earn about 6x what their men earn

A Lt Commander's Staff Section could include an Ensign, Batman (personal servant), Messengers, personal guard and a secretary.

Commander: A commander is generally in charge of something significant, takes a lot of responsibility and can command up to four lieutenants and their associated troops, as well as his own command and staff section - up to 150 men altogether. A commander might be responsible for all of the troops in even a fairly large town, a large castle or just part of the troops belonging to a large city.

They will always be at least one level higher than the highest level lieutenant in their command and often have levels of aristocrat, or PC classes, in their build. They expect to earn up to 8-10x what their men earn ( according to their responsibility levels).

A Commander's Staff Section could include an Ensign, Batman (personal servant), Messengers, personal guards and a secretary or two.

Captain: A captain is top of the tree and commands all of the troops that come within one company - which could contain as many as 750 troops all commanded by their respective officers, often a commander and two or three lieutenant commanders. The company could be a mercenary company, all the troops of a small nation state, of just one troop type for a regional army. While they have a personal support unit - it is probably large enough that they have a staff lieutenant to run it for them.

Captains expect to earn something like 100gp per month.

Senior Officers

General: Generals are very rare, and only the largest nations have a general in charge of their forces. It takes a significant nation to have more that one general in charge of their troops. However, when smaller armies come together, one of the Captain's is often 'promoted' to the position of Captain-General. In extreme cases, when large armies, each with their own general, come together - a Lord General might be appointed. If every you have that large an army - you need to be incredibly wealthy to employ a general.

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