Pathfinder NPCs With PC Classes

Can be whatever they want to be :} Actually, that isn’t as facetious as it sounds. NPCs with PC classes could pop up anywhere and be of just about any class. However, they are liable to rise to positions of authority, and therefore have more money, influence and prestige that their lesser colleagues. Here are some examples …

  • Any temple worthy of the name will have at least one cleric running it.
  • Many villages will have a druid as a regular visitor, if only to remind the villages that they must respect the local countryside.
  • The Inquisitor could be the bane of many characters’ lives – that is just too good to pass up :}
  • Elite units need top quality fighters and commanders.
  • Rangers are always needed to patrol the wilderness.
  • Paladins are needed to lead (and take part in) a crusade against an evil horde.
  • There is always a chance that a barbarian horde will turn up.
  • Rogues run the city’s underworld.
  • Bards run the theatres and travelling shows.
  • Wizards research and teach.

However, this type of NPC isn’t evenly distributed. You will find a high proportion in cities and a high proportion on the frontiers, but a lower proportion in the towns and villages of the countryside. The city that has the Wizards’ Academy, may most be home to most of the wizards in the region. However, a border castle might have most of the paladins and experienced fighters as they strive to keep the demon summoning, barbarian, horde from invading. In between, there is less to justify an active PC. Having said that, many retired PCs earned enough money during their careers to retire wherever they want to :)

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