Pathfinder Off-the-Shelf Buildings

There is all sorts of guidance about buildings, but they all seem to just lay out systems for you to work with. While I find that fun occasionally, and I am always happy to work with players to design custom buildings - sometimes people just want something quick and easy.

The following collections are built using the rules from the Pathfinder Down Time rules. Be aware that these are prices for characters who are actively involved in their community using the downtime rules. Pure adventurers, foreigners, newcomers etc. will have to pay twice as much. The other thing to note is that these are construction costs - you need to buy the land to build on - or pay extra for the land if you are going to buy an existing building. If you are buying in a good district in a popular city, the land can be 20 (or more) times more expensive that the building itself.

Birthday Campaign Note: Characters in the Birthday Campaign are considered to be spending time working in Brhof / Hallbridges (as guards, if nothing else) so are eligible to use the base construction prices.

These deal with individual buildings - rather than city and nation building. For that you need Kingmaker or the Kingdoms and War rules.

Homes and Small Businesses for villages
Community Buildings for villages
Manor Houses and the Like
Pathfinder Wilderness Buildings

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