Pathfinder - Off The Shelf Employees

Most low-level NPCs don't need a lot of detail, so these 'average' templates work quite well.

These lists contain potential employees at ‘normal’ levels - most are either L2 or L3, some might be as high as L4 – but none will be higher level than that. Some of the characters descriptions (Housekeeper, Cook, Elder, Sergeant) imply leadership abilities, but these are basic 'team leader' type abilities. If you want a proper watch officer, steward, manager, abbot or other real leader type you will have to employ them separately.

There are set-up costs for recruiting employee, which pays for advertising interviews, transport etc. It is easier (and therefore cheaper) to find low skilled staff, such as commoner, than it is to find trained staff such as warriors, experts or adepts. For some employees (such as Soldiers or Craftsmen) you also have to pay for their initial equipment. Once that equipment is bought it stays with the house/team/building - so if an employee leaves service, their equipment is handed down to the next employee.

Pathfinder Domestic Employees
Pathfinder Religious Employees
Pathfinder Military Employees
Pathfinder Military Officers

Working out wages.

There is a lot of guidance in the rules about working out NPC wages. We have the Non-skilled employees earn 1 sp per day, through the 'Cost of Living' guidance right up to the rules for earning wages from craft/professional skills and the amount paid to employees, up to 5gp per day for a third level character, in the Downtime rules. None of which seem to go together particularly well.

I have chosen to base mine (loosely) on the Cost of Living system. Based on those numbers and fiddled slightly, if you employ long-term live in staff it will cost you….

Commoner Staff: 1gp per level per month
Expert/warrior/adept: 2gp per level per month
PC/Aristocrat: 3-4gp per level per month

If you employ long-term live out staff it will cost you half as much again. Short term staff are even more expensive as they have to cover their down time.

This works for Lower level NPCs. When you get to officers, managers and other people with responsibility, they will expect to be paid more.

There is a more detailed breakdown covering how I have developed the living cost rules on the Social Class Page.

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