In my world the middle classes are generally composed of Adepts, Aristocrats, Experts and Warriors – as well as NPCs with PC Classes. Between them they provide the military, administrative, managerial, professional and craft skills that the world needs. You will find Clergy, Lawyers, Doctors, Soldiers, Leather Workers, Chefs, Weapon Smiths and many other among their ranks. All of them have had some advantage in life, it might be a set of skills passed down from father to daughter, the blessing of a deity, parents wealthy enough to buy an education, having the right abilities or even just being in the right place at the right time.

They earn more than commoners (perhaps 3, 4 or even 5 silvers a day), fall into the Upper Working Class band on my Social Class Scale. Because of this they can afford better accommodation, clothing, food etc. Buildings will be of a slightly higher build quality, and some rooms will be of a good build quality with nice furniture and decorations. Public rooms are normally higher quality than private rooms such as bedrooms. Many houses and apartments have their own kitchen and lavatory and some even have a private bathroom. At night the house will be well lit by oil lamps, and the wealthiest may have a magical light source.

These NPCs eat better too. If they have a kitchen, it will have a bread Oven, which can be used to make bread cake and pies. It will have a large fireplace with hooks and trivets for pots and pans. Better ingredients are available – Honey, Coffee, Sugar, pepper, salt, a bigger range of meats and vegetables. They probably afford a roasting joint on Sundays, and eat meat most days (although probably only once a day).

They have more than one suit of clothes, including a couple of set of work clothes and at least one ‘good’ Set of clothing that will be set off with some simple jewellery. They all have access to at least one weapon, and possibly some armour, yhat they can use proficiently. They may even have one or two minor magical items.

Most of these NPCs fall into the Upper Working Class on my Social Class Scale and (on average) spend about 10gp a month (or more) to maintain their standard of living. Some (particularly Aristocrats) might actually earn enough to let them mix in higher ranking circles. In which case they will have court clothes, and suitable jewellery.


The Warrior, or professional soldier, is the most common of the professional classes as it is the easiest to get training for. So long as you have an aptitude for the training or have parents who are wealthy enough to pay for, you can always find someone to willing to teach you. It might be The City Guard, The Army, a Mercenary Company or even a Commercial Sword School – someone will teach you about different types of weapons and armour.

Because the skills of Professional Warriors are fairly common, they do not command the greatest wages. However, payment, risk and responsibility increases with rank, experience and role – so it is possible to carve out a career in the military. Indeed, it is seen as an honourable career for low ranking members of aristocratic families.


Experts tend to specialise in one field, and know lots about one craft, knowledge, performance or professional skill. They almost always have skill focus in the primary skill, and other skills to support it. For example an expert Weapon Smith will probably have some armour & blacksmithing skills to support it, as well as diplomacy and Profession (merchant) to help them manage their business. An expert Woodsman may well have Knowledge (Nature), Profession (Trapper) Profession (Woodcutter), Survival and tracking skills. Experts, especially those with high skill ranks, are often amongst the best paid of the NPC classes.


Most Adepts are minor clergy – they don’t quite have what it takes to become a full blown cleric so they fill minor roles in the church. They are the Acolytes, Monks, Deacons etc of this world. Most temples, abbeys and churches (etc) have a Cleric as their senior priest. There are other types of adept as well (although not so many) some drop out of Magic School, but can still learn a few Arcane spells in the same way as a mage, other have natural spell casting abilities, but never quite develop into a full blown sorceress or bard.

Check out the Adepts Page page describes the way their abilities differ from the RAW.


Aristocrats have had a good all-around education. The wealthiest will have had private tutors, the less wealthy will have been to school and finishing school to prepare them to face the world. The best their parents, guardians or patrons could afford. While some Aristocrats come from noble or titled families, other come from Merchant, Nouveau Riche or Bourgeois families who have the money but now need the credibility. They understand arms and armour, and have access to a wide range of skills to support that, and many become professionals (such as architect, barrister and engineer) administrators or military officers. For example, a Professional Lawyer may have Profession (Barrister), Bluff, Diplomacy and Perform(Oratory). Aristocrats, especially those with high skill ranks, are often amongst the best paid of the NPC classes.

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