Pathfinder Stronghold And Merchant Rules

JohnB's version of the 'Kingdom' Building rules - optimised for small strongholds, and includes rules for building businesses and other organisations.

The first thing to note is that these 'rules' won't give you more equipment or money to buy more equipment - think of it as a Role Playing extra rather than as an Optimising extra. They are intended to add a fairly simple 'game within a game' and codify what you need to do if you want to gain titles, power and prestige. It also provides a bit of structure that makes it easier to add a political element to a game (Not that I am ever going to run a seriously political game - I have had too much of that in RL).

Basic Terms - that you need to know.

What is a Stronghold - Some different types of stronghold that might tickle your fancy.
Getting Started Stronghold building a stronghold
Claiming Land for your stronghold.
Terrain and Transport Links and how they will affect your stronghold.
Wilderness Developments
Rural Developments
Towns and Cities - How to build them.
The Triumerate Stronghold Management - Diplomacy, Knowledge:Local, Profession: Merchant.
Stronghold Management Process Or the rules for working out how many resources your stronghold has.

Thoughts on running a Stronghold

What is an Organisation - Business, Commerce, Manufacturing, Merchant Prince, Academic Empire, Religious Organisation?
Getting Started Business - Setting up a Business or Organisation
Business Management Process - Or the rules for working out how many resources your business earns.

Noble Titles and how to attain them.

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