Previous birthday games

The birthday dungeon started … err … sometime ago as a cross between a weekend long D&D session and a birthday party for my wife. It became a bit of a tradition :)

2014 - Treasure of Chimera Cove (which was run as a follow on, using the 2013 characters). The memorable moment was probably the barbarian trapped in the hold of a ship by a mimic and everyone else running away and leaving him to it. (Although they did go back to rescue him in the end)

2013 - Tower of the Last Baron (2013 Player Briefing) (2013 Character Roster). The memorable moments were the cross dressing gnome trying to chat up one of the guards and the mayhem caused by a fire bomb attack on the baddies siege engine.

2012 - Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale (it got it own short write up on our Kingmaker wiki). The memorable moment was probably the two elves deciding to get married and take over the baddies keep.

2011 - Beyond the Crystal Cave. The memorable moment was the Ranger negotiating an elephant as a mount, and then discovering the adventure started with a journey in a small boat :)

2010 - All That Glitters. The memorable moment was seeing a Halfling Paladin used as bait when fishing for sandworms.

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