Between Brevoy and Mivon, the land was overrun by bandits and monsters, until Henry de le Maistre was sent to clean it up. Now, it is growing into a thriving collection of almost independent strongholds, with the motto is "Vi Capta, Ab Opere" which translates roughly to "Won by Strength. Held by Hard Work." The Mark has adopted a crossed sword and sickle as its symbol. The sword represents strength, while the sickle represents hard work.

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The Mark Moot is Middlemarch's governing Body, and consists of the Lord March Warden, Landed Nobles, Lord Mayors and Companions of the Mark. Each Landed Noble rules an almost completely independent stronghold, Lord Mayors manage independent Cities while the Companions are the founders of The Mark.

Mark Law applies everywhere, even across the various strongholds - although Lords are responsible for their own law enforcement and may implement their own, supplementary, laws. Mark Law is quite basic, it documents the Rights and Responsibilities of the various classes of mark resident and describes a Mark Legal Code that everyone must adhere to. The Council Of Bishops co-ordinate religious observance and support throughout The Mark.

- What is expected of the people of Middlemarch
Middlemarch Law – The core laws that applies everywhere in Southmark.
Middlemarch Officials – The Lords with a regional responsibility.

The Mark – or the land between the strongholds.
Shires – The responsibility of a Sheriff.
Mark Officials – Officials with overall responsibility for The Mark.

Mark Strongholds – Land claimed by a Lord.

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