New Stetven

New Stetven is the capital city of Brevoy, and one of the largest cities in the North. You can find a brief description of it here.

New Stetven – Metropolis: Pop 32,850: New Stetven is the largest city in Brevoy and one of the largest in the whole of the northern Avistan. It is a bustling trade city, acting as a hub for exporting Brevoy's rich supply of grain, fish, timber, and ore to the rest of the northern kingdoms such as Mendev or Numeria, and down the East Sellen River to the River Kingdoms. It is the capital of Brevoy and is home to The Ruby Fortress (The King’s Palace), The Bulwark of Gorum (massive cathedral to Gorum) and The House of the Gauntlet (an Iomedaen temple).

The docks at New Steven are packed with barges and vessels suitable for use on lakes and rivers. The East Sellen River is navigable for over 1000 miles, passing through many different nations before it finally opens out into the Inner Sea.

Once the stronghold of House Rogarvia, it was left leaderless when they disappeared. Now King Nikolai Surtova attempts to fill that gap, but his grip is not yet strong. All of the noble houses have a presence here, although House Lebeda is most prominent. The rump of House Rogarvia, House Khavortorov (a breakaway Aldori family) and various trade interests all vie for influence here.


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The North of the city is dominated by the Ruby Fortress on the top of the largest hill in New Stetven. It is surrounded by the administrative quarter, and then the estates of the nobles and Aristocrats of New Stetven and Brevoy. The Southern part of the city is dominated by the Bulwark of Gorum. Another massive stone building set on a hill – it is impressive, but not as impressive as the Ruby Fortress. Just to the west of The Bulwark, outside the city walls, set on its own smaller hill is the House of the Gauntlet, New Stetven’s temple to Iomedae.

The Western Docks teem with merchant shipping, trading south along the Sellen River, while the Northern Docks are used by fishermen and local merchants trading within Brevoy. There is a fee to bring vessels beneath the bridge - so some goods are transported right the way across the city. The Lebeda family are the largest single merchant family represented in New Stetven and control more of the shipping and dockside than any other. Although other families also own shipping and trading interests here. You don’t get large ocean going ships here, just the smaller vessels suited to river and lake travel. Some examples of boats and ships are listed here

Collected information from the Regional Information Thread at The Stolen Lands Game on RPoL

The Issian Nobles: (Surtova, Lodovka, Garess, Orlovsky, Lebeda, Medvyed) While the Issian Nobles skirmish, fight and argue amongst themselves, together they are by far the most influential group. Between them they have an iron grip on Northern Brevoy and a lot of influence in New Stetven. Both Surtova and Lebeda are heavily linked with New Stetven. The families often keep themselves busy as they jockey for position within the group.

New Stetven Aristocracy: A metropolis full of merchants, crafters and minor nobles all worried about their own position and interests. They come from a range of different backgrounds and there are many competing philosophies - however, as a whole, they are cosmopolitan enough to put differences to one side and work together so long as there is a proper return involved. While they see themselves in competition with each other, but the City itself is something that binds them together - and a strong New Steven is good for everyone. The Rogarvian Spouses, House Khavortorov, House de le Maistre and House Ventus – and many other minor houses - are all part of the New Stetven Aristocracy.

These include many old families that didn’t make it big – once they held lands, hereditary offices or obscure awards - those have passed into history, but the title still remains. Many own enough land, property or businesses in New Stetven to keep a large manor house or a small estate – and there are enough of them that, when they band together, they have a voice. family name titles such as Lord-Dominus Ragoon, Lord Flamane and Lord-Dominus Charender predominate.

Sword Schools in New Stetven – there are a few Aldori schools in New Stetven. There are Rondolero schools in New Stetven. There are Modern duelling and Light Blade sword schools in New Stetven. Heavy Blade is probably the most common type of sword school in New Stetven (Training warriors and mercenaries) although it is not a recognised duelling style. There is a sword school offering specialist classes to Magi and other casters.

New Stetven Generally - The population of this metropolis of the North is impressive - large enough that if they should ever find their voice you would want to listen. Fortunately, they are generally settle for grumbling loudly about problems, rather than facing it head on. However, the New Stetven City Watch and Militia could be a political significant force – if ever they have a leader.

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